IK/FK Animation
This was my first attempt ever animating with IK/FK controls. The left leg was controlled via IK while the right leg was controlled by FK. The only goal for this project was to animate the character jumping onto the tree stump. It was animated in stages to reflect the same process that takes place in the animation pipeline. First I brought in a reference video to get an idea of how I want the character to jump. Once I knew what I wanted, I animated it using stepped tangents. This was a very crucial part in allowing me to block out the scene ahead of time. After I was done blocking it out, I highlighted all of the stepped tangents and converted them to linear so that the animation would be all one continuous motion. Once I was done with the linear stage, I moved onto splines and ensured that the entire animation was as smooth as possible. This allowed all of the motion to be a lot more fluid or lifelike.